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'I signed up and watched your goal setting video this morning. I followed along with you and completed my goal setting sheet. I found it very helpful to put on paper what has been rattling around in my mind. I was just thinking this morning that I need to focus more on what is most important to me. Your 'VBGS' exercise came at the perfect time.' 

Mark Boldizar,

'New Science of Success' at https://newscienceofsuccess.com

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This is WHAT I will write about:

  • BusinessI will share creative ideas on how to grow your business and wealth.

  • SoulI will share inspiring, true, and life-changing stories that make difference.

  • Mindset - I will share keys to a strong and resilient mind that is capable of managing life's challenges. Tips on how to change your life and improve your inner wellbeing

  • Free content - I will share content that inspires you to move and take action - videos, worksheets, questions, audios, workshops, challenges, etc.

  • Paid content - I will share content that inspires you to MOVE forward in your business and life with joy, energy, and confidence (courses, coaching, masterminds, etc.)

  • This is WHY I write:

    • Impact - every letter to you is a chance for me to make a difference in one person's life. A chance for us to make your day a little better and lighter despite the current weather.

    • SupportI want to give you support, help you solve problems, and find exactly what YOU are looking for in your work and life to move forward.

    • Gifts - this is my chance to share my gifts and mission with you and the whole world. And I am very grateful for that.

    • CommunityI want to build a diverse, positive, and loving community, and connect with people all over the world.

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