- Would You like to have more time for yourself?

- Would you like to feel increase in confidence and self-esteem?

- What about moving from feeling alone to being partnered up with other inspiring women?

- Do you struggle with setting and expressing healthy boundaries?

- Or would you like to have the feeling of lighter shoulders and deeper breaths?


We want You to feel TURNED ON and FIRED UP about your life because we believe that every woman has a fire within her waiting to be ignited! 


FIRE🔥 is a symbol of COURAGE and FOCUS. 

When you choose to step over your fears and limitations and FOCUS on what is important (yourselves/ energy/dreams/goals/health, etc.), you can begin to LIVE for real.  

The element of FIRE is also made up of LIFE and ENERGY, which is something we all need to be counted as “living.” The problem is that if we focus our time and energy on the wrong things in our life, we end up draining our inner resources. Like running in a hamster wheel.  We constantly feel tired and lost.  Your goals and dreams will not survive in that environment!

The FIRE WOMAN COMMUNITY focuses on YOU and discovering your STRENGTHS. To help you DARE to step forward. DARE to take the step into your true self and LIGHT UP!


Every day we see women NOT stepping into their true power and NOT earning their full potential. Honestly, it makes us quite sad to see so many women compromising their dreams, and diminishing themselves.

We cant do everything but we sure can do something! With that said - we want you to LIGHT UP and spark that fire inside yourself!

The Fire Woman Community is an inspiring space to connect, talk, chat, exchange ideas, feel supported and seen.

Give yourself the opportunity to succeed!


If you want experience: living a more meaningful and fulfilling life, feeling inner peace, joy and bliss ...

If you want to have: more energy, success, clarity, customers, structure, sales, income, freedom ...

You need to surround yourself with people with just these qualities. You will find them in this FIRE WOMAN COMMUNITY.

Fire Woman Community is a place where we can meet and take care of ourselves and each other. 

And have a cup of tea or coffee.

Fire Woman Community is a place where we laugh, cry, encourage, and CELEBRATE TOGETHER! 

Going through Fire Woman Community, you will experience rapidly growing self-esteem and renewed energy. 

Step into the wealth and abundance you truly deserve!

We are going to help you build a strong foundation within you - a beautiful and safe home within you. 

From there - from your true place within - you will be able to create and build anything! 

If you are and/or want to be an entrepreneur/business owner - THIS is the place you want to create from. We are going to help YOU build a STRONG brand, STRONG business and STRENGTHEN your inner genius, your voice and core. You'll be supported in your WORK and in your SOUL'S JOURNEY in creating more JOY and SUCCESS.

Fire Woman Community is a place where you can express your creativity, create new projects, fulfil your ideas, get practical and mindset tools and strategies. 

You'll learn how to rebuild structures and systems that generate regular clients and cash flow. Isn't this what every business owner dreams about?

In this safe, inspiring, brave, bold, and creative community we will uncover and release fears and limitations that stop us from going where we want to be. We will give you an exact step by step formula on how to handle the fears/limitations... 

a few of the most common challenges are:

Low Self-Esteem 'What will others think?’

- Fear of Being Visible / Seen ’What will others say?’

- ’What if ….’ fear-based mindset ’what if nobody buys this or likes this? What if nobody thinks this is good enough? etc '

- Lack of time, Overwhelm and Work overload and Burnout

- and last but not least, Abundance and Law of Attraction

You will also meet and connect with incredible, inspiring, soul-and heart-led women from all around the world. 


THE FIRE WOMAN was originally a 12 week intense, high end offering with a limited number of places. In order to make this incredible offering available to women all around the world, my friend and business partner, Mette Koivusalo and I are offering this as COMMUNITY SUPPORT for heart-led women entrepreneurs all around the year! 

We'll announce classes prior to each month. Here are some of the trainings:


In this section we will share everything from A-Z in building a thriving and successful work & life: reaching goals, getting things done, time management, systems and strategies to support you, etc. 

With almost 2 decades of experience we will offer you training on:

  • Time management
  • Productivity
  • Money management and money mindset
  • Goal setting & Reaching 
  • Planning
  • How to run your business on your own terms
  • Heart-based Leadership and Lifestyle
  • Increasing Wealth and Abundance
  • Sustainable + Healthy Work-Life Balance


In this section, we will cover limiting beliefs, building resilience, driving force, how the brain works, and how you can strengthen your brain to support you in your journey.

With almost 2 decades of experience, we will offer you:

  • ‘Happiness Algorithm’ and ‘Success Algorithm’:  12 practices for Unleashing Your Joy and Success Codes in Life and Business. One training each month for 12 months.
  • ‘Energy into Currency’, 10-Day Manifesting Practice. 
  • Book Club 2 times a year.


    In this section, we will share everything we know through our experiences and practices to keep your body energised and help you feel vital, fulfilled and energised. 

    We will offer you trainings on: 

    • Healing through movement
    • ‘Celebrating Your Inner Goddess 10-Day Practice’ event 
    • 'Fertile rest' practices
    • Reprogramming of your subconscious self for more joy, success and wealth
    • Living in Wealth  + Abundance + Inner Peace + Trust. 
    • Practical + Useful Daily Strategies + Tools
    • Feel inspired, energetic and ready to go out and do what YOU WANT to do
    • Finding the Fuel for your Energy Bank     


    In this section we will support you on connecting with your heart, your soul and the meaning of your life and work. 

    We will offer you journeys like: 

    • Listening within sessions
    • Drumm healing ceremony's 
    • Guided meditations session
    • Inner Child work session
    • Breath work 
    • Conscious living practices
    • ... and so much more!

    We will do everything we can to support you on your souls journey.


    Every WEEK we will cover the four main areas: BODY - SOUL - GOALS - MIND.

    And implement four main elements: FIRE - WATER - EARTH - WIND.

    For example: 

    Week 1 - Mindset training & coaching. 

    Week 2 - Listening Within training & coaching. 

    Week 3 - Brave Work session

    Week 4 - Unleashing Your Joy and Success Codes & coaching. 

    Get to know yourself on a deeper level and get in touch with your 4-bodies: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual AND create major shifts in all areas of your life!


    How long is the FWC going?

    The Fire Woman Community is going for as long as you wish to stay! :) When you join the Fire Woman Community, you commit to 5 months and then you choose if you wish to stay or leave. You are in charge! As simple as that!


    How much💰is FWC?

    Okay, sit yourself down because this is going get really exciting ... EVERYTHING we do for you and offer to you in the Fire Woman Community is yours for only €88 per month. SPECIAL OFFER IS - first month for only 8€!!! That's it. No hidden fees or unexpected bills. It's yours for €88 period. 


    We will go deep, aim high and work towards your dreams, goals and visions.

    Achieved Goals of The Previous Rounds of Fire Woman!


    - Efficiency and clarity in daily work and action-steps

    - Better focus

    - More implementation of TOOLS and 'How-to's' 

    - Increased energy

    - More flow

    - Renewed mindset

    - Increased visibility 

    - Lots of inspiration 

    - No more feeling STUCK, overwhelmed, and stressed. 


    - Increased energy

    - Inner peace

    - More flow

    - Renewed mindset 

    - Rediscovered sense of JOY and PURPOSE

    - Better love-relationships and friendships

    - Sense of belonging to a safe and uplifting community 

    - Feeling of together-we-can

    - Increased productivity

    - Feeling of more TRUST

    - Increased self-esteem and self-confidence


    - A place for you to come forward, shine and be seen with WHO you are
    - A place where you live from the HEART and FLOW
    - A place where you feel peace and clarity
    - A place for you to find and do what is right for you
    - A place for you where you can share your questions, worries, setbacks and successes with those who see and understand you.  And get answers!
    - A place for you to find the balance between WHO you are, WHAT you do, and how you want to FEEL.

    A place where you get the opportunity to create a life on your own terms.



    1. Experience more magic, energy, intuition and joy in your life (and work);
    2. Work away your fears, limitations and blockages - what holds you back and prevents you from releasing all the stress and doubts and move forward;
    3. Learn how to combine flow, heart and energy with strategies and systems that give you both freedom, stability, a sense of purpose and happiness.


    TODAY you can join THE FIRE WOMAN COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP for only €8 first month.  


    Mette Koivusalo

    The Master of holding space, listening and guiding everyone back to their true self and purpose. Have been working in therapy, teaching Yoga, and taking humans on a spiritual journey for the last two decades worldwide.

    WATER & EARTH.  

    Official titles - The founder of @theplacewithin_interviews, Listening Within Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Speaker, A board member of Hand in Hand Charity, Joy Concert

    Anna Pugacova

    The Master of productivity, 'how-to's' and getting things done. Have been in business for almost a decade and is today serving humans and organisations worldwide.

    FIRE & AIR.  

    Official tiles - Speaker, Author, Educator | Creative Consultant | Mindset and Business Coach | Project Manager | Consultant in communication, leadership, and business development.

    Have a joyful and successful work and life balance - it's like getting a new superpower, your own magic wand to make your dreams come true!