Choosing a writer’s journey is one of the most incredible and scary things you could ever do. Here is the truth – I have written 5 books, but only 3 of them are published.

My first book – I buried it as soon as I finished writing it. Back then, I was mainly working in the Health and Wellness industry while still doing coaching and talks. I even had my own product line I sold to grocery stores, hotels and I regularly took orders too. My food products were unique – all handmade, clean, and eco-ingredients, vegan, free from colorings, preservatives, food flavors, lactose and gluten-free, and even milk protein-free. So, in two words – pretty exclusive. (If you want to know more about this business, I wrote about it HERE. So, I chickened out. 

My second book – I wrote it, I hired a copy editor, I hired a graphic designer. When the cover was done and ready to be printed, I packed it well and put it on my shelf instead of sending it to the company. You know what? The book is still lying there. I invested so much money, and yet, I never published the book. The reason was I felt sick to my stomach to send it over to someone else, and after the whole process, I felt exhausted. 

My third book MIG KROSSAR DU ALDRIG – was finally my firstborn. It’s my autobiography. I remember that I announced to the whole world that I was publishing a book ONE YEAR BEFORE without even having written a single page. But you know what? I KNEW I would do that. And I did. And OMG, what an effect this book created – I got featured on so many magazines, front pages, middle pages, podcasts, radio. There is even a whole documentary and a short movie. This book led to countless paid speaking engagements and coaching clients. You can guess if I felt proud of myself. I even bought myself a diamond ring as a congratulatory gift from myself to myself. 

My fourth book THE BLISS POINT OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP– was pure joy and a creative project. I just felt like writing it, and so I did it. That’s it. This book is one of my favorite expressions of my creativity and simple ideas that change one person’s heart and work at a time. 

My fifth book IT’S MY TIME PLANNER – was a natural follow-up book to my clients’ and my own entrepreneurial journey. I just wanted to get better at getting things done, following through, and taking inspired actions. So I created this simple, inspiring, and incredibly effective planner/notebook. Without adding any dates, it became a simple tool people from all over the world could use. 

With all of that said, here are a few lessons I can share from writing 5 books and publishing 3 of them. 

1. Writing is a practice. It’s something you must choose to do. 

2. Be clear on what your intention is for your book. Express your gifts? Have fun? Feel like you can start and finish a project? Be creative? Sell Your services? Whatever your reason is (there is no right or wrong), just make it clear.

3. When you write – just write. The rest – you will figure it out later. Don’t try to figure it out FIRST. If you do, you will most likely chicken out or give up (like I did).

4. Accountability is a real thing. For my team to do all-the-other-things, I actually had to write the book (because you can’t market an empty page).

5. People and places who celebrate you, cheer you up, and support you when you need it will be the fuel on days you are about to do what I did with my first and second book. (I promise that will happen to you too) That space, support and people are GOLD. CLICK HERE if you want ME to be one of them.

What is it that you would love to create between now and the end of the year? 

  • Do you want to launch something? 
  • Maybe write a book? Or finish a book?
  • Maybe create an offering? 
  • What about building your business? 
  • Or investing time in your personal growth and mental fitness?
  • Do you maybe feel the need to recharge your batteries and connect with people with amazing energy? 

Whatever is that YOU want to BE-DO-HAVE-AND-CREATE, I would be DAY-LIGHTED to support you. Click HERE and join a couple of other entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, coaches, empaths, authors, and educators. 

I want to witness you finishing this year with lots of energy, joy, success, clients, money, and overall wellbeing and abundance. Are you in? 

I hope you are because it’s truly YOUR TIME to have it all. Or at least a bit more and a bit better than you have now. 😉 Click here

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Anna Pugačova 

My name is Anna Pugačova, and I am an ideas generator, visionary, born storyteller, creative, empath, and the winner of cheerleader award 2021! I was born to support people and especially entrepreneurs.

I am the master of productivity, ‘how-to’s’ and getting things done. I’ve been in business for almost a decade and today I’m serving humans and organizations worldwide.

Official titles – Speaker, Author, Educator | Creative Consultant | Mindset and Business Coach | Project Manager | Consultant in communication, leadership, and business development.

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