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Change your thought – change your brain

How to use positive statements for success in Your work and life!

Are you a person that uses affirmations daily?

Have you incorporated an affirmation practice to help reach your business goals? 

Positive statements or affirmations are truly an amazing tool that you can use to increase your overall well-being, raise your vibration, and keep a positive focus on what you really want out of your life. And you know, when it comes to neuroscience (one of my favourite topics), affirmations make total sense. 

The things we think about, day in and day out, repeatedly, they become part of our core beliefs. And in order to create a new belief, or change your brain, change your career, change your life — you have to change your thoughts. 

The first step for how I keep myself focused and in alignment with my goals, is by answering my daily heart-based question in my planner. Next, I make sure I do a tiny gratitude practice. But most of all, I program myself through repetitive affirmations and positive statements about my life, work, wealth, health, and relationships. 

In 2013, the American news feed, Huffington Post, published Dr. Carmen Harra’s article, “35 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life.”  Dr. Harra wrote that affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because of their ability to rewire our brain.  

Clearing the filter in your head, and changing your brain entirely, is possible through a daily affirmation practice. I have seen my clients transform their lives through simply creating a clear action plan, hiring support, and by choosing new thoughts and integrating affirmations into their daily routine. 

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