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Money, Pricing, and Confidence

Let’s have a short chat about the juicy topic of MONEY and PRICING. I actually created a video on this very topic because I found myself coaching clients and helping them overcome the stress and lack of confidence when it came to pricing their business offerings. It’s a huge issue and particularly when you are starting out in your business.

When it comes to setting pricing, some of the statements I have heard include : “why pay for a $2k coaching program if you can get the advice for free from a friend?”; “Why pay $5 for a card that you can create yourself using Canva?”; or “Why pay for a personal fitness trainer if there are millions of free exercise videos on YouTube?”.

Well, I’ll tell you…it’s because your life and the lives of others depends on it!

You are serving no one by working for free – except for the times when you want to be generous. It is OKAY to get paid for doing the work you happen to enjoy doing – the real work you were born to do. And it’s OKAY to get paid for doing that work while still having fun! Yes – even if that something is easily found on a Google search.

With that said, remember these important points:

The price tag lies in the VALUE you provide, and NOT in other people’s opinion about the price tag. 

The price tag lies in the VALUE your product or service provides. Not in the minutes or hours you sell. 

The price tag lies in the VALUE you provide and NOT how much free content is available out there. 

Really. Truly. And there are many people who are ready to PAY YOU in full, for that value.

So this message is like a permission slip for you to set your prices according to the VALUE you provide.

Feel confident about what you create. What you offer and the value you bring to others who rely on you!

NOW I would love to hear from YOU – what VALUE is your produce or service providing? Let me know in the comment section!

I hope you enjoyed this article!

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