Planning on Reaching Your Goals before 2021 Ends? | Anna Pugacova

Planning on Reaching Your Goals before 2021 Ends?

Let’s talk about my indispensable planning and goal setting tool!

Things are moving fast my friends! Can you believe it’s the middle of October already?!

In most parts of the world, the days are getting shorter, colder. It’s a little bit harder to wake up early in the morning, keeping our personal appointment time for our own version of a miracle morning perhaps.

So here we all are, building up our inner resilience, reaching for our goals and maybe reflecting on how we can finish our 2021 year strong.

Like I have said before, now is a great time to get back on track if you’ve been feeling a little bit wobbly at the prospect of finishing strong for 2021.  Our personal success is cultivated through our own empowered, brave steps and activating some simple tools, like using my planner-journal-notebook in one, “IT’S MY TIME 2021”.  Believe me, this tool is STILL relevant at this late stage of the year. 

And here is why I love it, why I still use it and my clients use it with great success. These are the elements of this planner/journal that make it an indispensable goal-keeping success tool.  

This is basically what my day-to-day planning looks like… Every morning I begin by connecting with my heart. I choose from my marathon goals and connect them with three baseline tasks or things I want to get done that day no matter what, and then at the end of the day, I do very tiny gratitude practice. And you know what, it’s all there in the planner-journal. Not on various calendars, pieces of scrap paper, or sticky notes attached to my laptop. They are being honoured every day in this one, light booklet, each period that I set out to live.

These are the elements of the planner/journal IT’S MY TIME 2021 that make it an indispensable goal-keeping tool. 

1. There are NO DATES or TIMES

Because IT’S MY TIME 2021 has no dates or stringent time slots to fuss with, it’s very easy for you to use at ANY time of the year. Instead, I’ve designed it so you can focus on three periods at a time. I’m not one of those people who can have a one-year planner and keep up the consistency and the care it takes. None of us need a planner that feels like it’s another job task! 

Because I move forward fast, and I get many things accomplished in a day, and I’m on the go, IT’S MY TIME is easy to have with me. It’s very light weight, it’s comfortable, and it’s very easy to use daily in a practical sense. This unique planner-journal is something you can use to keep your focus, check off the action items, and then when you want to let it go, simply start a whole new one. It’s effective and very liberating!

2. Daily Unique Heart-Based Questions

Every day there is a segment where you are asked to draw yourself into your heart-based question. It’s an invitation to focus on, journal on (briefly or at length – you get to decide). 

Why is this important? Because it’s so easy to get into a mind-trap where your brain starts spinning out on thoughts that don’t serve your purpose or your goals. Instead, when you open my planner, when you open the journal, there is a heart-based question for that day and you can connect with yourself, your purpose, and then pole-vault into your day. I think you’re really going to love this.

3. Set Yourself up for Daily Success with a Daily Baseline

This is one of the most powerful triggers in IT’S MY TIME. Every day you have a tiny space for you to write your baseline tasks or mini-goals or steps that you will absolutely get off your to-do list for that day.

Because we all have these extensive, long to-do lists that we never get through. It’s self-defeating and it’s unreasonable to get it ALL done. The thing about the Daily Baseline, it’s only 3 items and YOU can get three things done every single day. I promise you! Your brain is going to love this bit. It’s a sure winner that will provide you with that feeling of satisfaction. Imagine if you get three things done every day for the next three months, for the rest of the year, how excited and successful are you going to feel and BE?! 🙌🏽

4. Keeping Connected to Your Marathon Goals + Long-Term Visions

The element of IT’S MY TIME that also helps propel you forward, is recording your marathon goals — the long-term goals and visions that you hold close. It’s about where you want to be in 3-months, 6-months, 12-months. It’s very important to remember when you choose your three baseline to dos for the day, you connect them with your marathon goals. That’s the key to keeping your dreams in check and yourself accountable.

5. Daily Built-In Gratitude Practice

Every day there is a section for you to take those crucial moments at the end of the day to record what you are grateful for. This will help keep your mental health in check, appreciate  your wins and let go of the failings. If you’re not sure about this part, check out the science behind gratitude in Happifys article HERE.

6. Track Your Money

Inside IT’S MY TIME, you’ll also be feeling in control when you can reference with a money and income tracker. Connect your dreams and your goals to the basics of where you are at financially.

7. Time to Review Your Progress

Because the end results are not always up to us, it’s important to take time to review each period. It’s like a post-mortem. You have a brief review of questions you can ask yourself, answer, and evaluate. This reflection is a really huge part of success and moving forward with greater insight.

NOW I would love to hear from YOU – how are you supporting yourself in fulfilling your work and life goals? What are your favourite business and/or mindset tool? Let me know in the comment section!

I hope you enjoyed this article!

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