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You Are Not Sitting in Prison: How To Get Rid Of Your Mind Chains

As you may know, at this point, I LOVE and ADORE sharing stories and metaphors to bring forward a message. For some reason, this is how my brain works. Facts and numbers don’t get me excited, BUT a metaphor or a story connected with exciting facts, science, and/or an important lesson – is 100% my jam! 🙂

With that said, here is a fascinating story of the elephant and rope by Assaf Marcus (the short version).

✨There was a man who was passing by some elephants. Suddenly, he stopped.

He saw that there were elephants that were tied to trees. But the man noticed these giant creatures were only tied by a simple small rope.

He asked the elephant owner why they were tied there.

The elephant owner responded, “When the elephants are very young, they are tied using a small rope. And it is enough to hold them there. But when they get older, they become conditioned to believe they cannot break free. So they never do.”

These animals could at any time break free from their bonds, but because they believed they couldn’t, they remained stuck right where they were. ✨

Important questions to ask yourself:
Aren’t we all a bit of an elephant in our own lives? 

How many of us go through life hanging onto a belief that we cannot do something simply because we didn’t believe we could do it or we failed at it once before?

Failure is part of learning; we should never give up the struggle in life. The important thing is to get up in spite of the struggles and start again.

Because …

When you accept your circumstances as they are, you are the elephant tied to the small rope. However, if you consciously choose to change your circumstances and beliefs, you may finally free yourself. 

♥️ The reason I shared this story with you is – I want you to know that you are not sitting in prison, and there are no chains around your hands or feet, only around your mind and your thinking. In your mind are those beliefs that have been planted and nourished over time. From your beliefs, you take (or you don’t) specific actions. Your beliefs and actions create certain feelings and experiences. And all of that together is your reality today. 

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Have a lovely day. 💖

Xx, Anna

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