It's My Time

28-Day Personal Coaching Program

Based on latest research on Neuroscience 🧠, we are going to hack Your Unique Success and Happiness Codes in Your Work/Business and Life! 



What are the goals you would like to achieve until the end of the year?

How do you want to close 2021? (Hey, I know it's been quite a roller coaster 🤯) 

Have you been feeling stressed, worried, overwhelmed, or just kinda “off track” with your business, goals, dreams? Do they suddenly feel so far away?

Here is a beautiful truth - You still have 42 days left in the year 

- to finish, to create, to follow through, to launch, to share, sell and to make the change you want to see in your own life ♥️ and in the world.🌍


It's My Time

28-Day Personal Coaching Program


I’d love to help you get things back on track, create momentum, move forward, create and feel the success you desire!

In Order to Hack Your Unique Success and Happiness Codes 🦠,  We Are Going To Work Through 4 Areas:

1. What are your goals 🙌 and how are your goals in alignment with who you truly are and what you want to do? (Is that having more of money/clients/audience/confidence/time, etc.)

2. How is your belief system 💭 serving you? (Is your underlying belief system supporting you on your journey, or are your beliefs blocking you?)

3. How are your emotions ♥️ controlling your decisions and overall wellbeing? (Do you wait to feel like doing something, or do you seem to sabotage yourself?)

4. What necessary actions 💪🏽 you need to take? (My absolute favorite one!)

Here's what's included

- 28-Days of Support and Business + Mindset Coaching. Based on what we discuss and discover, we set your goals for the next thirty days and we will follow through. START November 22 END December 19


A Tiny Group of only few people - to give you the best support and service.

- Weekly Support and Coaching Calls - Every week we will meet on Zoom for longer discussions and more of deep dive conversations and training.

- Daily Accountability directly with me on WhatsApp. Yes! You will get a very unique and personal access to me and I will do my best to help you with anything you need. And of course I will keep you accountable too. Having accountability with the right people is one of the greatest keys to your success!

- Distraction Free Space. There is a reason for your overwhelm, lack of focus, and stress. That's why this program is no social media, no posts to follow or comment to, no more looking at other people succeeding, but yourself. 

- Practical and Doable Tools for you to avoid feeling stuck. When you know what you need to do its easier to do it.



It's My Time 28-Day Personal Coaching Program is a do-at-home program (no travel required) that includes 1:1 personal coaching, support and additional materials to keep you on track, and more. 

START November 22 END December 19 


✅ Goals reached

✅ Increased productivity and energy

✅ Important things done and goals executed. 



You’ll finish the program feeling empowered, happier, more energized, and braver than ever before. Glowing with confidence from the inside out. You will have a purse of mindset and business tools (practical and inspirational) to keep the momentum going. 🔥 You will feel SEEN and HEARD and TAKEN CARE OF - no more disappearing in a large group. Increased income, following and impact


You will see and feel the difference in your work and life. Doors will suddenly open. People who said ’no’, will suddenly say ’yes’. And so much more. ✨


It's €697 when you pay in full or you can make 5 payments of €147. 🎉


Reach Out to Me...

I invite You to work with me for 28 - days

Upgrade your mindset, your business, success, and the quality of your life. Build positive habits and create YOUR UNIQUE business and life.  

Let me know if you have any questions about this program. I would LOVE to work with you!  

It's Your Time! START November 22 END December 19 

And of course, some SPECIAL SURPRISES are included too! 

Besides your 28-days of 1:1 support, you will also receive a beautiful and personalized gift sent directly to your door. A box full of surprises to support you in your journey.

About Me 

My name is Anna Pugačova, and I am an ideas generator, visionary, born storyteller, creative, empath, and the winner of cheerleader award 🥇 2021!  I was born to support people and especially entrepreneurs. 

I am the master of productivity, 'how-to's, and getting things done. Have been in business for almost a decade and today I'm serving humans and organizations worldwide.

Official titles - Speaker, Author, Educator | Creative Consultant | Mindset and Business Coach | Project Manager | Consultant in communication, leadership, and business development.

“Every day is a great day to show up and do the work!”


Start Your 28-day journey now!

What people are saying

"In my short time working with Anna, I developed a renewed focus on what really matters most to me and my business: building community through connection, and serving my clients with generosity and expansiveness. It is my experience that these qualities do more to generate and attract the "right" clients (those that align with my offerings) than technical know-how. Of course, Anna can help with that too! As a coach and a believing mirror, she reflects what she sees, then offers tools to grow beyond stuck points and limiting beliefs."

Tressa Berman

Ph.D., Transformational Creative Coaching, Tressa's website, PHOTO CREDIT: JEFF HAFFNER

"I just had the most incredible coaching session with Anna who literally got my life in order in 30mins. It was a leap of faith that brought us to this point, being a fairly new coach and all. Anna let me see where my talents and gifts work best in terms of Marketing myself and she showed me how I can show up prepared, add value to people, organizations and places so that it’s beneficial to both parties! I would highly recommend Anna as a coach or speaker. She will give you honest feedback, there is no sugar coating there, and that’s exactly what you need. Thank you so much Anna."

Abi Singh

Relationship Coach, Nigeria, Abi on LinkedIn

"I chose Anna as my business coach to help me with strategies in my company. I did it because I want someone who really listened to what I want with my company and where I was somewhere so I could take my company towards my dreams and goals. That was the best I could do! The fact that she then delivers both messages and concrete tools kindly and clearly meant that in just over a month, I had earned the money I had invested in hiring Anna. With heart, passion and clear tools, I can now achieve exactly what I want in my company."

Nina Berg

CEO of NINA BERG, Author, Motivator, Lecturer

"Anna shares many keys to getting ahead with your business, no matter what your focus is. Concrete and clear tools while everything is coming from the heart. She has helped me unlock several blocks that prevented me from moving forward. There will be a clear before and after I invested in Anna’s support."

Maria Melin Wittberg

Professional Networker, Certified Coach

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