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Forget About Habits: Here Is Why You Should Choose Rituals Instead

Today I wanted to share a tiny message on Rituals and Habits.

We all have heard of the importance of having healthy habits, right?

But as a big fan of wording and how we use language in programming ourselves – I decided to use the word RITUAL instead of HABIT. 


Because HABIT sounds like a lot of hard work. It sounds heavy and almost like a MUST – something you MUST do or something you SHOULD be doing. I don’t know about you – but MUST and SHOULDs simply don’t work on me. 

RITUAL, on the other side, sounds like music to my ears.
RITUALS are something you enjoy doing. 
They are fun and light. 
They inspire you and activate your creativity, inspiration, etc. 
RITUALS are doable. 

All high-achieving people rely on positive rituals to manage their energy and regulate their behavior. We can build up rituals that become automatic as quickly as possible, with our deepest values as the driving force.

With that said, I would love to invite you to create POSITIVITY RITUALS that support your health, wealth, work, life, business, projects, sales, marketing, creative work, etc. 

Here are a couple of very simple rituals. 

Positivity Rituals – Your mental state
You can introduce a simple ritual to deal with frustration – to smile even if it feels unnatural from the beginning. There is ample evidence that smiling literally reduces anger and short-circuits the ‘escape or fencing’ reaction. It is almost impossible to smile and be angry at the same time.

Positivity Rituals – Your business/work
To create more structure and discipline in your work (which gives you both income and freedom), you can introduce a couple of 45-min ‘No BS time’ or what I also call ‘PLAYTIME’, when you are feeling best during the day. ‘No BS time’ or ‘PLAYTIME’, is when you turn off the phone, email, social media and eliminate other distractions to focus on what is important – writing, creating, marketing, selling, etc. You can get so much done by adopting this positive ritual. 

Here is a thing: You can create positivity rituals around all areas of your life – the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Both in work and your personal life. Amazing right? 

Want to be even more effective and see results faster? Add accountability to your positivity rituals and your life will SKYROCKET. Click here if you want that. We start on Monday, November 22. Research shows that professional accountability increases your chances of reaching your goals by 95%. YES, 95%! 

Now I would love to hear from YOU. What positivity rituals would you love to create in your life? Let us know in the comment section below!

Don’t have any ideas? Tell me about your situation and I will personally get back to you with some suggestions. (Yes, for free) 

Have a lovely day. 💖

Xx, Anna

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  • Or investing time in your personal growth and mental fitness?
  • Do you maybe feel the need to recharge your batteries and connect with people with amazing energy? 

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