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4 Factors to Cultivate for Successful Goal Setting

This past week I described how your brain just LOVES when you plan and set goals. This concept is about building inner resilience and making it easy for you to set and achieve your goals. In fact, the goal setting system that I’ve been using with great success, is the same system I teach my clients.

Here are the four cultivating factors that my goal system is based on. I encourage you to copy and paste these gentle reminders and place them in your digital calendar for easy reference. I know they will empower you to get your goals in alignment for success and achievement! Ready? 🏁 

Number 1: Make progress over perfection. You are successful in your goal setting even when you are moving forward and achieving 1% more on those day-to-day items. Make progress – – keep it moving, keep it moving!

Why? Because when we set the bar for progress over perfection, we decrease our overwhelm, and we increase clarity, and peace of mind. Just by taking one brave step forward, moving toward where it is we want to be.

Number 2: Take inspired, heart-led action. Following your heart, following your energy and listening within, keeping yourself inspired — these are the things that play a huge part in setting and reaching your goals.   

Number 3: Remember, the end result is not always up to us. So, be joyful about everything you accomplish in your day-to-day life. Celebrate every step forward as well as the effort you are putting in. 

From a neuroscience perspective, your brain (and your body’s nervous system) loves everything that is simple, everything that is joyful, and everything that is doable. So celebrate and give yourself a pat on the back when you accomplish the tiniest of goals! 🎉  🙌🏽 You’re doing your brain good!

Number 4: In the same spirit as number 3, keep it simple. Simplicity always works when it comes to setting and accomplishing goals. For continued success, I believe it’s because as human beings, we are more likely to keep consistent when we keep things simple — whatever it is.  So, the goal management system I use is completely fool-proof because I don’t over-complicate things. The system is simple and that’s why it works. 😊

So, are you ready to set some inspired, simple, moving-forward goals? Now is the time to plan how you’re going to finish off your 2021 in a really awesome way. 

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