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Anna Pugacova, 32, is a public speaker, writer, business coach, and educator and lives in the northern part of Sweden, Luleå. She is working with other business owners, solo-entrepreneurs, cooperatives, and individuals to help them to pursue their life and work goals. She also has an online school with multiple courses and programs where she teaches about leadership, personal development, self-love, and the power of doing what you love, trusting your heart, and learning while we are alive. Her latest book is called "The Bliss Point of Entrepreneurship " - Build Successful Businesses by Implementing These 3 Key Ingredients

In this tiny book, The Bliss Point of Entrepreneurship Anna offers you a simple but yet so powerful idea of how you can implement 3 key ingredients in your business in order to succeed while still doing what you love. She also shares a part of her personal story: years filled with financial insecurity, abuse and poor life conditions, stresses and failures, while still being able to keep the hope for a better future. 

Annas nya bok om entreprenörskap "The Bliss Point of Enthreprenourship"

Her work is known in Latvia, Scandinavian countries, and internationally as she has inspired thousands of hearts through her travels, speaking engagements, and work with other leaders and business owners. 

28 August, 2020, she is celebrating her 8th year in business. As you may know (if not, now you know) ‘8’ is her favorite number for several reasons. 

  • She was born in 1988, 8th of December 
  • Her’s identity number in an orphanage where she was placed only a couple of years after her birth with another 40 children, was 8. It means that all her clothing, sheets, etc. were marked with number 8. 
  • She emigrated to Sweden at age 22. During her 8th year in Sweden, she published her first book, an autobiography ‘Mig krossar du aldrig’ - min resa från att överleva till att leva. (translation: ‘You Will Never Break Me: My Journey From Surviving to Living’). In the book, she speaks about her difficult childhood with mental and physical abuse, poverty, hunger, and a dream of a better life. Despite all the struggle and pain, she inspires people to turn their fears into a driving force and never stop fighting for your dreams. Thanks to her book and all the publicity, Anna and her story have been featured and multiple newspapers all over Sweden. 

And now celebrating her 8th year in business, she can finally breathe out and say: ‘Yes, I did it! I finally succeeded!’ This is not one of those overnight success stories. With this book, she is celebrating and honoring all of those years of hard work, resilience, decisiveness, sweat, and tears.

Anna is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and full of creative and simple ideas on how to make our lives, businesses, and the world a better place. In her work, she inspires and motivates people to find their driving force to fulfill their dreams in work and life because as we both know everything in life is connected.

Today she is doing both: traveling around Sweden with her motivational speeches and workshops and offering her services, programs, courses, and coaching in the digital world. 

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Anna has touched hearts all over the world with her passion, energy, fighting spirit and resilience. She walks with her head high through whatever life has served her, and teaches you to do the same. 

Anna helps people to find their own unique route to happiness and fulfillment, causing a domino effect across all areas of their lives - friendships, relationships, business and finance. Her live events for corporates and private groups consistently generate life-changing experiences and results on a deeply personal level for anyone who attends.