What do YOU want to manifest in YOUR life?


Would you like to attract new opportunities to fulfill your work and life goals?


Hi, my name is Anna Pugačova.

I serve heart-led entrepreneurs through mindset and business coaching. 


Did you know that an average person has 6,200 thoughts per day?


And that 70% of those thoughts are fixated on something negative?

And obviously, because of the mind-body connection, your thoughts really can affect your health, wealth, relationships, work results, performance, finances and all other areas of your life.

The good news is - I can help you to decrease that number!

I want to invite YOU to join 'Energy into Currency' - 10-day Manifesting Practice and learn how to turn the '6,200 thoughts a day' into 6,200 new opportunities to fulfill your work and life goals. 

Will you let me do that? Say YES and join us now!

Sorry, Our Early Bird Price Offer Has Expired. 

5 Reasons Why 'Energy into Currency’ is a Fantastic 10-Day Manifesting Practice:

🍀1. It’s simple, light, and digestible. And it's powerful!

🍀2. It requires little time commitment. (Our live training will be around one hour. After the training, you need 5 minutes to follow the practice I am going to teach you.

🍀3. You get very exclusive and private access to me daily. We will do this together.

🍀4. There will be no guessing. Instead, you will receive very clear action steps.

🍀5. And lastly - it is going to be FUN! (I am no longer doing things that do not feel fun!)

5 Reasons Why You Want to Join 'Energy into Currency' 10-Day Manifesting Practice:

🍀1. Embrace and step more into your true and powerful self. Practice trust.

🍀2. Attract the "currency" you want to receive in your life: joy, self-confidence, time, energy, money, opportunities, clients, a sense of moving forward, focus, abundance, wealth ...

🍀3. Become brave, visible, self-confident, and magnetic to life and opportunities.

🍀4. Reprogram your subconscious and get your brain and body to work on your team instead of play against you.

🍀5. Increase or create a sense of a more meaningful and successful work and life.

What's Included?

'Turn Your Energy into Currency'  LIVE TRAINING* on Zoom where I will share all the tools and support materials. SEPTEMBER 8 | TIME 17:00 CET/Stockholm / 8:00 AM Pacific 

*Recording will be available after the LIVE training.

In addition to that... 10 Days of Daily Support and Private Access to Me!

Simple Requirements... 10 Access to phone/computer, WiFi/Internet, pen & paper, and an open mind and heart. 

Time Investment... 90 min for our Zoom LIVE training September 8. Other days 5-15 min per day.

  • This practice has increased my well-being overall AND turned my ENERGY into CURRENCY countless times!
  • This practice shifts my mindset every time I have to do something I don't feel like doing.
  • This practice makes me take inspired actions every day and feel energised and confident.
  • This practice has generated countless opportunities and clients into my work.  
  • This practice has opened doors for more energy, joy, wealth and abundance!

This training is for you if you would like...

To increase your self-esteem, build courage-muscles.

Create new habits and find the energy and live in your daily life.

To feel unstuck.

To increase, grow and build what ever is that YOU DESIRE.  

In three words... TO CREATE MAGIC!

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