More than just a coaching session...

Business and success is a great thing BUT first and foremost I want you to know that I care about you as a whole human being.

Deep inside, you are a magnificent and powerful human being, and I want you to find that strength and success within you for the first, second or third time and be able to do so whenever you feel the need. 

Because deep down I believe (and you know that too) it's already there. It has always been there available for you!”

I want you to feel supported, coached UP, believed in and motivated!

Be brave enough to trust your heart more. As long as you are being true to yourself and following your instincts, the rest is learnable and doable. Because, isn’t life’s highest purpose to be true to yourself? Stay true to yourself in your work and life. 

- from Anna's latest book 'The Bliss Point of Entrepreneurship' - Build Successful Businesses by Implementing These 3 Ingredients

What Others Say

CHARMAINE DE SOUZA, QUEEN OF THE VISION AT WWW.BUSINESSMOBILES.COM | Official Member of the Forbes Business Council at Forbes Business Council, London

‘I am so proud to know Anna; through her first book to this book; she is constantly on and producing value for her audience. Many people have esteemed knowledge, but when Anna shares her knowledge you learn from a passion which is so infectious that mere obstacles will disappear for you too.’

Jenny Sandfors, WEB-DEVELOPER AT

'Thank you Anna for your description of Law of Attraction (LOA) linked to gratitude. It was like it came loose in me and I finally understood on a deeper level how LOA is connected. I have read and tested lots but have felt that it was scrapped because it was taken a piece of the puzzle. You made me understand in-depth and flip, I got 3 new bookings of web help packages and a mini-course in WordPress yesterday without coming out with my video ad yet.’

Nina Berg, CEO of "Nina Berg - A Kick in the Ass”. Author, Lecturer and Motivator at

‘I chose Anna as my business coach to help me with strategies in my company. I did it because I want someone who really listened to what I want with my company and where I was somewhere so I could take my company towards my dreams and goals. That was the best I could do! Anna has the heart, the strategies and she saw and listened to what I needed. The fact that she then delivers both messages and concrete tools kindly and clearly meant that in just over a month I had earned the money I had invested in hiring Anna. With heart, passion and clear tools, I can now achieve exactly what I want in my company. Do you also want to do it, hire Anna, it will be the best you have invested your money in.’

Anna Pugacova

Anna Pugacova, 32, is a public speaker, writer, business coach, and educator and lives in the northern part of Sweden, Luleå. She is working with other business owners, solo-entrepreneurs, cooperatives, and individuals to help them to pursue their life and work goals. She also has an online school with multiple courses and programs where she teaches about leadership, personal development, self-love, and the power of doing what you love, trusting your heart, and learning while we are alive.

Her work is known in Latvia, Scandinavian countries, and internationally as she has inspired thousands of hearts through her travels, speaking engagements, and work with other leaders and business owners. 

In her books, she speaks about her upbringing in an orphanage where she was placed only a couple of years after her birth with another 40 children.  Her difficult childhood with mental and physical abuse, poverty, hunger, and a dream of a better life. Despite all the struggle and pain, she inspires people to turn their fears into a driving force and never stop fighting for your dreams. Thanks to her book and all the publicity, Anna and her story have been featured and multiple newspapers all over Sweden. 

28 August, 2020, she is celebrating her 8th year in business. As you may know (if not, now you know) ‘8’ is her favorite number for several reasons. 

And now celebrating her 8th year in business, she can finally breathe out and say: ‘Yes, I did it! I finally succeeded!’ This is not one of those overnight success stories which is why she is celebrating and honoring all of those years of hard work, resilience, decisiveness, sweat, and tears. 

Anna is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and full of creative and simple ideas on how to make our lives, businesses, and the world a better place. In her work, she inspires and motivates people to find their driving force to fulfill their dreams in work and life because as we both know everything in life is connected.

Today she is doing both: traveling around Sweden with her motivational speeches and workshops and offering her services, programs, courses, and coaching in the digital world. 

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Your Art

'Keep creating your art. That is your main work every single day. Every project/thing you create has its journey and soul. You never know where that can lead you. '

- Anna Pugacova

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