"Whenever you inspire, don't forget to teach; whenever you teach, don't forget to inspire."

Anna Pugačova, the author.

I'm a speaker, educator, creative consultant, mindset and business coach, and soon-to-be neuroscience coach. I'm also a published author. Here are my books that will give you inspiration, grow your business and develop a new mindset.  


Anna's debut book, published in Swedish in 2019, is a gripping and inspiring life story about the entrepreneur Anna Pugacova, whose journey from the orphanage in Latvia to a successful businesswoman touched many.

Mig krossar du aldrig är en gripande och inspirerande livshistoria om entreprenören och lyckoexperten Anna Pugacova, vars resa från barnhemmet i Lettland till framgångsrik affärskvinna berört många. Anna genom uppväxten och gjorde livet till en ständig kamp, men drömmen om att en dag få leva ett lyckligt liv gav henne mod och drivkraft att kämpa för sin framtid. Detta är en berättelse om att vända sina rädslor till drivkrafter och att aldrig sluta slåss för sina drömmar.

”Trots mina dåliga förutsättningar och stora chanser att misslyckas fann jag modet att leva mitt liv fullt ut. Att bli den kvinna jag är idag som vågar ta plats och motivera andra att ta för sig av livet.” - Anna Pugacova

"Mig krossar du aldrig - min resa från att överleva till att leva" är Annas debutbok som publicerades maj 2019. Tryck av andra upplagan beställdes juni 2019. 

‘IT’S MY TIME 2021’ Notebook /Planner

No dates or times - Revolutionary at any time of the year to activate your goals and increase your motivation and focus.  Check out my video on this tool HERE!

This notebook is for you if you want to:  

- Connect with your heart daily
- Take inspired actions
- Actualize your projects and ideas
- Follow your progress
- Track your money
- Stay focused
- Get things done
- Take time to pause and reflect
- And be happy with your day!

In this notebook you will find:

- Heart-based questions for every workday Monday – Friday for 9 weeks
- A ‘good enough’ baseline for your everyday to-do’s
- Simple gratitude practice
- Your income and progress tracker
- Extra journaling pages
- And other essential things for your success


Build Successful Business by Implementing these 3 Key Ingredients

Have you been struggling in your business for a long time? Do you feel like you have done it all but still can’t see the results? Or have you lost the spark after working for decades in your field? Or maybe you’re wondering, ‘How can I create the life and business on my terms while still doing what I love?’.

If that’s your situation right now, curl up with The Bliss Point of Entrepreneurship!

What if I told you there is a simpler way to feeling personal and financial success in your business and life?

In this tiny book, The Bliss Point of Entrepreneurship, Anna offers you a simple yet so powerful idea of how you can implement 3 key ingredients in your business in order to succeed while still doing what you love. She also shares a part of her personal story: years filled with financial insecurity, abuse and poor life conditions, stresses and failures, while still being able to keep the hope for a better future.

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"I am so proud to know Anna. From her first book through to The Bliss Point, she is constantly on and producing value for her audience. Many people have esteemed knowledge, but when Anna shares her knowledge, you learn from a passion which is so infectious that mere obstacles will disappear for you too!"

Charmaine De Souza

Queen of the Vision at, and Official Member of Council at Forbes Business Council, London

Speaker, Author, Educator | Creative Consultant | Mindset and Business Coach | Project Manager | Consultant in communication, leadership, and business development.

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