Number 1 Way to Build Authority and Influence 💯💪🏽 | Anna Pugacova

Number 1 Way to Build Authority and Influence 💯💪🏽

Do you wonder what is the number one way to build your authority and influence in your life and business?

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I believe that the level of your engagement will determine the level of your results. It’s not so much about your productivity or time management or the level of your performance, it’s about how focused and engaged you are in this very moment. 

Whenever you talk to someone, whenever you have a person in front of you, or whenever you are in front of an audience, stay focused and stay engaged.

Stop multitasking.

Stop doing everything else.

Be *here* like you want to be here.

Do *this* like you want do do this.

And you will affect and impact so many people.


When you are engaged, when you are focused, when you are here like you want to be here, people feel that. And when they feel good around you, they feel good about themselves, and when they feel good about themselves when they are around you, they will remember you.
This is one of the most amazing ways — and one of the simplest ways to build your authority and influence, and how you – as a leader or as a business owner – can help people remember you. This is very much about how you are showing up for yourself, for your people, for your clients, and for your audience.

Be a great leader, be here like you want to be here, do this work like you want to do this work. Because this is not a punishment. You are here because you choose to be here. You chose this path because you made that decision. Honor that, and be here, and stay here, stay fully focused and fully engaged.

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