Live the life you've imagined! | Anna Pugacova

Live the life you’ve imagined!

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined." - Henry David Thoreau


Milestones are important and something to celebrate. Marking special dates like birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, graduations, give our lives more meaning and give us joy! Milestones can propel us toward living our best life.  

This August 28th marks my 9th year as an entrepreneur. Today, I’m reminded of the leap of faith I took to begin this journey, and how it gives me joy to help you to take your own leap of faith and follow your dreams! 

In numerology, the energy of number 9 represents a cyclical completion and the potential for another cycle to begin. The number 9 highlights transformation and the process of transition.

This got me thinking… how can I celebrate with you? How can I help inspire you to make your personal milestone… Whether it be in your personal life, or part of your creative work, here are 9 reasons to go in the direction of YOUR dreams…

1. You are an innovator. Your creativity and ideas matter! Share them with the world. Creating is on of my daily practices. This is my lates thing which I would love to share wit you. Click here.

2. You add value. Your business idea, your craft, your art, whatever it is, it is unique and it has value.

3. You can give back more easily. Being true to yourself often empowers you to support others and be of service to make a difference. When you are pursuing what makes you happy, you feel that generosity within. 

4. You get to connect with other inspiring minds. When you’re following your dreams, you naturally connect with other like-minded people who support you, and give you a boost to keep going.

5. You are always learning new things. Mastering a new skill is energizing. While exploring your full potential, there are always new opportunities to expand your knowledge base. (Here is a new practice I am going to teach)

6. You can be curious. Dream-building is a journey that provides the invitation and helps to satisfy your curiosity about how things can be better, or be improved upon. You want to know!

7. You can be a role model. Whether it’s a sibling, your children, your friends, because of your courage, you inspire those around you to find and pursue their gifts. What an amazing reason to go in the direction of your dreams!

8. You can trust yourself. You don’t need permission from anyone else. You are free to choose what you want and know in your heart, it’s true for you.

9. This is the big reveal....You can be exactly who you are. You don’t have to get everything right or perfect for opportunities, magic, success to happen. Everyday is a practice. That is all that’s required from you. Practice your craft and share it with the world.

For the past nine years, I have experienced all these things in living my dreams. As Henry Thoreau’s famously affirmed, I encourage YOU to live the life you’ve imagined! I support you wholeheartedly. I hope you take me along your journey, just as you have allowed me to take you along mine.

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With gratitude,