Join Me For a 3-Day VIP

We will combine entrepreneurship 💪🏽with Neuroscience 🧠 and some fascinating facts 📈 and research 🧐 to help you move forward, overcome current challenges and reach *that* goal of yours.  

BEGINS ... Whenever You Are Ready!

During almost a decade in business, I have served humans from all kinds of industries in all stages worldwide (both service and product based businesses).

The VIP days offer you a generous amount of hand-holding and support. We do better together. With the right people. In the right tribe. I won’t leave you hanging.  

Join Me For a 3-Day VIP

Things I have supported my clients in:

  • Business strategy
  • Mentoring
  • Marketing strategy and tools
  • Course creation
  • Becoming speaker
  • Becoming a writer
  • Starting a business
  • Finding clarity
  • Growing and expanding business
  • Strengthening course muscles
  • Finding self-esteem and confidence
  • Creating first (or tenth) offering
  • Developing consistency in serving your people
  • Finding new and creative ways to stand out in the crowd
  • Organizing
  • Taking inspired actions
  • Setting up systems
  • Building your audience
  • Pricing
  • Resilient mindset
  • Finding your voice
  • Time management
  • Productivity and progress tips and tools
  • Finding your way to sell that doesn’t feel icky
  • Simplifying life, work, systems, structure to fully support you, your work, and lifestyle. 

(if your topic/need is not on that list, please let me know.)

Here’s How It Works


Day 1 - a personal 1:1 interview to get to know you and your needs and wants better. (me interviewing you)

Day 2 - we entirely focus on you and the work we need to do to get you where YOU want to be.

Day 3 - we do a follow-up after 2 weeks of implementation. 


Do you know who the best clients are?

The BEST clients are the ones who do the work and win. Because... The one who does the work - always wins. Now you know :) 

Additional Bonuses:

- For more support and better results, during implementation weeks, you receive private WhatsApp access to me. With that said, you receive 17 days in total.

- You also receive a very personal package sent right to your door. 

- Complimentary materials - If we see that you need any additional materials, I will provide you with them at no extra cost. 

Investment: One payment of €997 or three payments of €333


When you have made your first payment, we will book a day and time that works for you. And when it’s done, you will be ready to roll! :)

You have six months to book your VIP days - at the latest, May 2022.  

Your first payment must be made by December 13.

The VIP-days are available in 3 languages: English, Swedish and Latvian.

No specific location is required. Only your computer (or phone) and wifi. 


This amazing offering is for you if: 

- You are ready to go from 'maybe' or 'later' to a big YES! 

- You want to build and create something of value for your people.

- You have goals and ambitions. 

- You are tired of waiting. You want to start NOW.

- You know that NOW is always THE right time to start.

- You LOVE 'VIP treatment' with lots of attention.

No matter if you want to finish your year strong or if you want to begin your year standing in your power - this is a fantastic offering for you! And wouldn't that be nice to have that full attention finally? 

Investment: One payment of €997 or three payments of €333


Reach Out to Me...

About Me 

My name is Anna Pugačova, and I am an ideas generator, visionary, born storyteller, creative, empath, and the winner of cheerleader award 🥇 2021!  I was born to support people and especially entrepreneurs. 

I am the master of productivity, 'how-to's, and getting things done. Have been in business for almost a decade and today I'm serving humans and organizations worldwide.

Official titles - Speaker, Author, Educator | Creative Consultant | Mindset and Business Coach | Project Manager | Consultant in communication, leadership, and business development.

What people are saying

"In my short time working with Anna, I developed a renewed focus on what really matters most to me and my business: building community through connection, and serving my clients with generosity and expansiveness. It is my experience that these qualities do more to generate and attract the "right" clients (those that align with my offerings) than technical know-how. Of course, Anna can help with that too! As a coach and a believing mirror, she reflects what she sees, then offers tools to grow beyond stuck points and limiting beliefs."

Tressa Berman

Ph.D., Transformational Creative Coaching, Tressa's website, PHOTO CREDIT: JEFF HAFFNER

"I just had the most incredible coaching session with Anna who literally got my life in order in 30mins. It was a leap of faith that brought us to this point, being a fairly new coach and all. Anna let me see where my talents and gifts work best in terms of Marketing myself and she showed me how I can show up prepared, add value to people, organizations and places so that it’s beneficial to both parties! I would highly recommend Anna as a coach or speaker. She will give you honest feedback, there is no sugar coating there, and that’s exactly what you need. Thank you so much Anna."

Abi Singh

Relationship Coach, Nigeria, Abi on LinkedIn

"I chose Anna as my business coach to help me with strategies in my company. I did it because I want someone who really listened to what I want with my company and where I was somewhere so I could take my company towards my dreams and goals. That was the best I could do! The fact that she then delivers both messages and concrete tools kindly and clearly meant that in just over a month, I had earned the money I had invested in hiring Anna. With heart, passion and clear tools, I can now achieve exactly what I want in my company."

Nina Berg

CEO of NINA BERG, Author, Motivator, Lecturer

"Anna shares many keys to getting ahead with your business, no matter what your focus is. Concrete and clear tools while everything is coming from the heart. She has helped me unlock several blocks that prevented me from moving forward. There will be a clear before and after I invested in Anna’s support."

Maria Melin Wittberg

Professional Networker, Certified Coach

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